Wednesday, September 2, 2009

[o god]

The reason I am proud of you is:

The symbol for our tribe is annonymous. Some know that image as the person (B.C.M.) and some probably see it abstractly. I can say that horseshit because its true. Before I knew him, I knew that image/symbol/headlogo. I have see it far away, while alone. I has endured for at least7 years. The thing that I realized wasnthat the symbol is cherished because of his own deeds or words. He had taken his own face and applied a classic cliche counter symbol to his identity. By putting a black bar over the eyes, he becomes like a specimen or prisoner. Only the fat example man in my drawing book has his eyes covered. (He became a symbol to me too, and I copied his body using pencil and paper. Then I cut his body out and made a clock).
One more thing, about bravery: lets go back to that.

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